Hi, I'm Samantha Samantha xx And I'm on a mission to change the conversation about being in a body that bleeds! Hi I'm Samantha.... I help you elevate your company culture to build an environment your staff would hate to leave (and others can't wait to join!)
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Calling all progressive businesses! Get your complimentary Workplace Menstrual Wellness Checklist in line with the current BSI standards.
The secrets behind movement practice that FEELS good! Embrace your inner rhythm and learn to move with more ease in you body!  

My vision is to help women create satisfying and nourishing lives that honour their natural energy fluctuations each and every day allowing them to THRIVE!

Encouraging you to work with your body and its cycles, I guide with compassion and support you to release mindsets that keep you from being your most brilliant self.

Working with progressive businesses to break menstrual stigma at work. Find out how I can help your company optimise productivity by 50%, reduce presenteeism costs, retain valuable talent and create an inclusive culture your staff would hate to leave! (and others can't wait to join)

Cyclical Success Support

Coming soon.... Designed to meet your company's needs, my corporate packages offer - Online self-paced training portal for menstrual wellness in the workplace, coaching and leadership development, and cultural audits. Please contact me HERE to find out more.

Learn how to listen to your body so you know what you need and when on and off the mat. Move with the rhythms of your natural energy cycle and use embodied movement to explore each cycle phase.

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Slide ABOUT ME I never wanted any other person to feel as lost and blindsided by their body as I had been!

I wanted to help my clients feel at home in their bodies rather than feeling betrayed by them......

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