My vision is to help you create supportive, nourishing workplaces that honour the natural energy fluctuations of your employees, empowering them to be their most brilliant selves.

Encouraging you to embrace empathy over embarrassment, I provide you with the necessary tools you need to navigate and normalise conversations about periods.

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Turn your workplace in to a menstrual friendly wonderland. Get your complimentary Bloody Marvellous Menstrual Wellness Checklist in line with the current BSI menstruation standards.
Learn how to chart you cycle so that you can go into each and every day with unshakable inner wisdom (even when your period is making a paper doily of your uterus with tiny scissors).

Don't Struggle Alone

If you are struggling with your menstrual health check out the FREE resources area HERE to learn more about Access to Work and PIP.  Plus grab your free letter template to ask your employer about reasonable adjustments to support you.

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Banish workplace taboo and create an inclusive culture your staff would hate to leave! (and others can't wait to join) with a Bloody Marvellous Menstrual Workshop.
Join the online Root & Rise cyclical yoga studio to unravel the mysteries of your energy cycle and move with your body's natural rhythms. Book Local Classes HERE

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