Hi, I'm Samantha Samantha xx Start here To change the conversation about being in a body that bleeds, one cycle at a time! MY MISSION....... Educating leaders to dismantle menstrual shame & stigma in the workplace to create inclusive and equitable work culture.

Start Here - My favourite (and free) resources to get you started....

My top 10 tips for running a cyclical business! Start mastering your energy, motivation & mindset with this workshop and checklist!
Start understanding your cyclical energy with my 'need to know' guide and run a business that builds unshakable foundations!
The secrets behind movement practice that FEELS good! Embrace your inner rhythm and learn to move with more ease! 

My vision is to help women create satisfying and nourishing lives that honour their natural energy fluctuations each and every day allowing them to THRIVE!

Encouraging you to work with your body and its cycles, I guide with compassion and support you to release mindsets that keep you from being your most brilliant self.

Delve deeper into cycle wisdom and learn how to listen to your body so you know what you need and when on and off the mat.

Learn how to move with the rhythms of your natural energy cycle and use embodied movement to explore each cycle phase.

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The Cyclical Collective will help you to redefine what running a business looks like as a cyclical, multi- faceted being and guide you to find holistic ways of working so you can beat the burnout and find success on your terms!

Cyclical strategies & self-care practices that help you lead from the heart to create a fulfilling, satisfying life!

If you love high-level support and are ready to make some serious shifts in life, this is for you!

1:1 Coaching really gives you the opportunity to receive exclusive support that is tailored to your specific needs, challenges and goals whether that is in life or for your business so that you can work towards your highest vision of success on your terms.

Slide Samantha Garstin Yoga / Marichyasana D / Portugal ABOUT ME I had a dream to help others thrive by guiding them to understand their energy fluctuations and the power that their menstrual cycle holds.

I am so grateful that I get to wake up every day and serve my clients to shift away from the limiting structures that keep them small. And give them the tools to create their own way of working that aligns with how they feel and what they need.
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