How do you stand out in the world and what do you stand for. Developing an authentic voice by using your practice to check in with what is really going on in your mind and body.

I will be here whenever you need to encourage and nurture you to be who you are so that your practice spills of the mat into everyday life.

By being our truest selves, we start to build a positive community around us that echos our own thoughts and beliefs. This then has the impact of spiralling outwards to encompass others so that as a larger entity our voice can have a bigger impact.

There are lots of insightful posts here to help you learn new tools to cultivate a more mindful way of living. The physical practice is really only the smallest part of yoga. The larger practice is how we move forward into our days of the mat, taking with us as we go the practice we grew when we had the time and space to be our best selves.

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