This is what I want you to experience; there is no greater pleasure than to move your body with confidence and feel good in your skin doing it.

There are so many psychical benefits to a consistent yoga practice such as a stronger core, glutes and weight loss but you will quickly find there are many more benefits like better mobility, posture correction and spinal alignment that actually benefit you in your day to day life to feel and sleep better.

Together we are going to develop conscious awareness in our movement using the breath and focusing awareness on the present moment. This allows us to make space for a greater experience to move our bodies with kindness and grace.

I am here to help you to cultivate a fun, intelligent practice, giving techniques for pain relief, relaxation, stress relief, strength and flexibility. Total mind and body empowerment that will keep you wanting to return to the mat regularly.

My Vision

My vision is to hold a compassionate space for you to develop an achievable, nourishing practice to experience movement with mindfulness and care. Encouraging you to work with your body and its cycles.

Guiding with authenticity and supporting you to release limiting life choices and beliefs to feel empowered and confident so that you can experience, grow and enjoy being your best self in the comfort of your own body.

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