I get it - periods are about as fun to talk about as going to the dentist {unless you are me lol} But think of it this way, moving with your menstrual cycle is like having a secret superpower that only you and your uterus know about!

👉🏽 There is so much shame when it comes to our menstrual cycles. But the way I see it? By embracing and celebrating our bodies and our cycles, we're sticking it to the patriarchy one workout at a time!

>>> But Samantha, I already have a movement routine I'm happy with!

I get the scepticism. It's like trying to convince you to switch from your tried-and-true pizza toppings, but you never know my friend, a side of cycle syncing could be your new go-to!

And yes! Changing up your exercise routine can be intimidating! What if you lose control of your body? Or it changes shape overnight?! Well, I can promise you that won't happen my lovely! If anything it will serve you better!

Not to mention helping with cramps, hormonal imbalances, lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, decreased sex drive, digestive issues, lowered immunity, decreased fertility, and chronic pain. Wow! Thats a fun list!

So don't dilly-dally doubting Debbie! Tune in to find out more!!

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