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No matter how frustrating, confusing or confronting the outside world feels at times, you have the power to control how you respond to it, and that is where your power lies!

Do you ever find, despite your best effort to create a more balanced pace of life, that sometimes and often without warning things just spiral out of your control? And often, this leaves you feeling stretched to your maximum capacity and like you are no longer in the driver's seat but more like a passenger in the mayhem. Let me give you a scenario.....

👉🏽 You've just said yes to yet another thing this week, even though your diary is already quite full because you don't want to let someone down.

You've got emails and messages that you just haven't had a chance to get to and are building up into double figures.

And then you have to go to work, manage family life and do everything else on top!

😖 The thought of it makes your chest tighten a little and you get that knotted feeling in your stomach.

Your shoulders start to creep up to your ears and your chest feels heavy.

And when you finally get to bed you just lie awake thinking about everything and even though you are frazzled, sleep is nowhere to be seen.

And no, this isn't every day, but it is certainly more days than you would like! I hear you!

❌ This feeling of pressure and overwhelm is so common in our busy lives, but certainly not 'normal' Most people don't realise they live in a chronic state of stress because we are so desensitised to it.

And what I know to be true is that often we don't listen to the signals our body is giving us to warn us to slow down!

These symptoms are your body's way of talking to you as it tries to tell you what needs your attention. It is easy to feel lost and blindsided by what you are feeling when you have no clue how to fix it, but I have just the solution to help you!

👉🏽 You see, your energy, mindset and motivation all fluctuate with the cycle of hormones you experience each month. And when you work against the natural rhythm of your body, this can make stress feel even more stressful!

You may have even noticed that you get really bad PMT, your skin is prone to breakouts, you get really bad period pains, or maybe your period has gone missing!?

Or maybe you just know that sometimes your energy just drops off a cliff nowhere to be seen and you can't get off the sofa when last week you bringing your A game.

But when you learn to understand the rhythms of your body you can anticipate its fluctuations to know exactly what you need and when to support you! Then you're able to-

✨ Live intuitively with clarity and insight, supported from within every day and with a deep connection to your body.

✨ Set boundaries with your time and energy, knowing where to push and where to pause.

✨ Master the mind monkeys that keep you stuck and develop tools to overcome them when you feel vulnerable.

You are a multi-faceted, cyclical being and you have an internal compass that is there to guide you every day and invites you to explore all the different facets of yourself.

The answers are not outside! They are all held within the wisdom of your cycle and your body tells you every month what it needs! And Cyclical Sanctuary will show you how to tap into that wisdom!

Lovely things people say....


A 5-week Journey - Starting November 14th

Cyclical Sanctuary will use my 'EASE' method to help you to create self-care practices, boundaries and mindset shifts that will help you regulate your nervous system to balance your hormones and inner ecosystem, so that you can remain unshakable as navigate even the most challenging times.

Cyclical Sancturay is not just another sleepy online course! Together, we are going to work through real-time practices you can implement as we journey together. And I will be there to help keep you accountable and cheer you on as you go!

This is a live programme. All calls will take place on Zoom over 5 weeks with space held for support in-between in a private Facebook group. All calls will be recorded, and you will get replay and course material access for 60-days after we finish to catch up or rewatch.

Join now to get early bird pricing!

Who is this for?

This space is not just for anyone, Cyclical Sancturay will be a small intimate group for those that are ready to make some serious shifts in how they approach life.

It's not just about learning the theory, it's about putting it into practice to really create tangible change which we will work together to create. So do consider if you have the time to commit to your growth.

This space isn't for those who want to sit on the sidelines, it's interactive. I am going to invite you to share your experience so I can help you really tailor things to meet you where you at in your life right now.

And most importantly, this space is free of all judgment! We are going to talk about menstrual cycles, blood and most likely cervical mucus! So if this triggers you or you're not ready to hear more about this, I invite you to join when you're ready.

By the end of this 5 week journey you will have-

✔️ Boundaries to help you manage your personal time and space so that you never have to feel obligated to do anything you don't want to do again.

✔️ Tools to help you soothe and calm your nervous system that will help you now and into perimenopause.

✔️ A way to better manage your sleep hygiene to support your mood and motivation day to day.

✔️ Different self-care practices to support your inner ecosystem and balance your hormones so that you can find more see all cycle long EVEN in the premenstrual phase!

✔️ Ways to optimise your energy through the month so that you start working WITH rather than against the way your body is biologically designed to work!

✔️ A deep understanding of your menstrual cycle that will help you remain unshakable even when life throws its toughest challenges!

Am I for You?

I am here to tell you all that your menstrual cycle is a gateway into understanding everything about yourself.

That's some radical stuff!!! It's a big bold statement, and you know what, it's the truth and I can say it because it's been my truth and I have helped my clients to see theirs too.

Now, I don’t have overnight remedies or magic pills I’m afraid, but what I can do is support and guide you, passionately, to make the change you want in your life, to be your most authentic, radiant being, and to live with a deep connection to your own wisdom!

I have spent over a decade on my own personal development, taken countless courses and programs to uplevel my own outdated programming, and uplevel my mindset to be able to hold space for others.

I am a trained Cycle Coach and Yoga Teacher and I learnt with some of the best in the industry to arrive where I am today. I am a successful entrepreneur and business owner, which in itself is a path of ruthless personal development in which you come face to face with your own worth and inner critic every day.

And I continue to expand on what I have been trained to facilitate, to give depth and richness to the support I am able to offer my clients by having my own lived experience and making sure I walk my talk! How I show up in my business is how I show up in my life.  I unashamedly and unapologetically step out into the world each day as the woman I know I am here to be.

In my previous life, I used to work a 9-5  job in Marketing that I enjoyed, but didn't exactly set my soul on fire. I loved all my co-workers and it was comfortable but something was missing. I stayed in it because I was acting from fear and scarcity, in a society that conditioned me into that space. One day, I got to the point where I just couldn't carry on doing what I was doing any longer.

I had a passion for yoga and I knew I wanted to serve others to discover all the joys that it had brought to my life. So after a lot of planning and saving, I did it! I left my job and set out into the world to have an adventure. I had no idea that step would lead me to become a Menstrual Coach!

..and that's the thing, when we listen to our hearts and follow our intuition, amazing change can take place and lead you to far and distant lands, figuratively and physically!

And the more I peeled away the layers and did my own learning and healing, the more I knew that I just couldn't hide from my calling to guide others in the journey that I had taken myself, supporting them where I wish I'd had someone holding my hand!

And now? I help others to embrace the synergy between their hormonal cycles and those of the natural world.

This is an instinctive realisation that allows you deep connection to your intuition. This is about, optimising and up-levelling, to define what life looks like on your terms. And using the cycles you live within to bio-hack your life to help you get there.

Knowing when your period is because an app tells you, is not the same deep sense of knowing I'm talking about! And THAT is what I guide others to find!

Questions I get asked a lot....

No problem, for whatever reason you don't have a cycle or it is irregular you can learn to chart the cycle you do have or cycle with the moon. Learn more about that here.

Yes, there is. You can pay over two payments a month apart. Details are on the check-out page HERE

This course will be a safe space to share without shame. You will be gently guided and supported throughout and beyond, to explore your relationship with your menstrual cycle and yourself. You do not need to have any experience with this work to join, just a curious open mind. Please get in touch if you want to have a chat about what to expect -

Yes, there will be a replay after each call ready for you to watch when you have time. There is 90-day access to all the course content so plenty of time to catch up.