Cyclical Sanctuary Samantha xx jOIN here

When did you last allow yourself to experience pleasure? When did you allow yourself joy? When did you allow yourself to speak your truth! ⚑

You are a multi-faceted, cyclical being, and you experience beautiful fluctuations of energy inside and out. You are not designed to live in the linear energy of our society. πŸ’—

🧭 You have an internal compass that is there to guide you every day and invites you to explore all the different facets of yourself.

The answers are not outside! They are all held within the wisdom of your cycle and your body tells you every month what it needs!

Embodying who you are and acting from a place of self-sovereignty is powerful and liberating AF! πŸ”₯

If you are sick and tired of feeling let down & disheartened by your body, living in a constant battle every month, I've got you! πŸ’•

Are you done living with heaviness, overwhelm and disconnect? Pushed to the brink of your energy both physically and emotionally? I hear you! πŸ’•

Imagine living in joy and radiance, with clarity and insight, supported from within every day. Don't you just want to speak your truth and be heard!

🌸 Live in radiance, live intuitively, live with deep connection, experience pleasure and joy!! Embody your feminine energy and be unapologetically you!

If you are ready to do the work to change how you feel and show up for yourself then Cycle Radiance is for you! 🩸

You deserve to feel good in your body! Pain, discomfort, and overwhelm in your cycle are common, but not normal. If you struggle during your menstrual cycle it might be impossible to imagine it being any other way than horrid, painful, and uncomfortable.

These are symptoms, and your body tries to tell you every month what needs addressing. It is easy to feel lost and blindsided by what you are feeling when you have no clue how to fix it, but your cycle is always there to show you the way.

Your cycle is wise and powerful! Imagine living effortlessly with balanced energy and an internal compass that supports and guides you every day! When I discovered cyclical living I felt like I had been hit with a lightning bolt! I thought WHY are we not taught this stuff, and every single one of my clients and students tells me the same thing! I wish I knew about this sooner!

Are ready to commit to understanding your body and cycle, to discover the parts of yourself that have been forgotten, and pushed out of the way by a society that drives us harder and further away from our truest selves. πŸ’– You can change that now, let's go!

What we will cover......

Cycle Radiance starts June 27th with an opening ceremony! 6 gentle weeks with weekly group sessions and support in a private Facebook group. Sessions will be recorded and posted in the group for that can't make the lives.

Over 6 weeks will cover-

~What cycle radiance means
~Menstrual Cycle Awareness
~Your cycle biology
~How to balance & optimise your life
~Deep dive into each of the 4 cycle phases
~How to work with your energy levels
~Cycle embodiment
~Exercising with your cycle
~Tapping into your own intuition
~How to create a sustainable practice


~Community, 1:1 support and so much more.
~6 months access to Root & Rise, my cyclical yoga membership.
Find out more here

Root & Rise -

4 x 60min Flows a month - A new one for each cycle/moon phase. A mix of Power Vinyassa, Creative movement and Yin.
1 x Mini Posture Workshop - Looking at more advanced postures in-depth and ways to build strength and mobility to access them.
1 x Meditation & Breathwork - A chance to go inwards, connect and breathe. Looking at different Yogic pranayama

Questions I get asked a lot....

What if I don't have a cycle?

No problem, for whatever reason you don't have a cycle or it is irregular you can learn to chart the cycle you do have or cycle with the moon. Learn more about that here.

Do I need to have done this work before?

This course will be a safe space to share without shame. You will be gently guided and supported throughout and beyond, to explore your relationship with your menstrual cycle and yourself. You do not need to have any experience with this work to join, just a curious open mind. Please get in touch if you want to have a chat about what to expect.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, there is. You can split the cost over two payments, click here to find out more.

About Me

2 years ago, I was working 9-5 in a job that wasn't setting my soul on fire, I loved all my co-workers and it was comfortable but something was missing. I stayed in it because I was acting from fear and scarcity, in a society that conditioned me into that space. One day, I got to the point where I just couldn't carry on doing what I was doing any longer.

I had a passion for yoga and I knew I wanted to serve others to discover all the joys that it had brought to my life. So after a lot of planning and saving, I did it! I left my job and set out into the world to have an adventure.

I had no idea that step would lead me to become a Menstrual Coach!

..and that's the thing lovey one, when we listen to our hearts and follow our intuition, amazing change can take place and lead you to far and distant lands, figuratively and physically!

The more I peeled away the layers of my own learning and healing, the more I knew that I just couldn't hide from my calling to guide others in the journey that I had taken myself, supporting them where I wish I'd had someone holding my hand.

I want to show you how to look within and find all the magic and beauty that there is, I want to support you to change how you feel inside, about how you feel about your body and the way it works.
For years I've struggled to see my own inner radiance and allow that to shine, to not give a crap about the judgement of others in fear of sharing my message. I've worried about and talking openly about blood, vaginas and cervical mucus because of the shame that surrounds it and how triggering it can be, but i know that has to stop, we have to normalise the conversation.

I am here to tell you all that your mensural cycle is a gateway into understanding everything about yourself.

Thats some radical shit!!! It's a big bold statement, and you know what, it's the truth and I can say it because it's been my truth and I have helped my clients to see theirs too.

Now, I don’t have overnight remedies or magic pills I’m afraid, but what I can do is support and guide you, passionately, to make the change you want in your life, to be your most authentic, radiant being and to live with a deep connection to your own wisdom!

You've gotta show up for yourself and do the work because you know you are goddamn Queen and you deserve to shine and live the life you want!

Your body tells you all you need to radiate!

Your body's love language is the messages it gives you and I can guide you to listen to them.

It's in your womb, in your hips, in your heart and in your gut!

Join me and see for yourself πŸ’•