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Learning to Find Forgiveness

Life chucks us interesting scenarios sometimes doesn't it?!

When it does, it is sometimes difficult for us to see the lesson to be learnt. Sometimes the lesson is just to forgive. Maybe the lesson is for us to learn to give a little love to the situation. I know, it sounds a bit bohemian, and what even does that mean? Give it love???

It means to find compassion and understanding. To hold space for another person to experience what they need without compacting on their feelings or exacerbating their hurt or anger.

We may not understand their anger but if they are willing to do the work to find why they are triggered or fearful, we must allow space for them to find their way.

Sometimes our prediction of how things might end up is completely different from reality, but this is not a reflection on us and our efforts. Nor should it influence your behaviour to be less caring and compassionate in a future scenario.

We have the option to make decisions every day about the people we want to be and the lives we want to lead. We cannot influence the way others will react to us being our truest selves, or know if we have triggered something in them.

If we act from a place of intelligence, knowledge and compassion for other human beings then we know we have actively made the best choice based about who we want to be in the world.

Everyone is on their own journey of self-discovery, it's not every time that we react to others in the best way when we are hurt or afraid. So we must learn to be forgiving of others as they learn too.

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