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When Life Suddenly Feels Like a Straight Jacket!

That feeling of the outside just crushing in on you and you cant breathe! Yeah that's overwhelm. It kind of comes from nowhere, you'll be going about life doing you, days or week may pass and you will be fine but then out of nowhere it all just seems a lot.

All the spaces you normally give yourself to breathe are becoming smaller and the tasks you find liberating are now feeling constricting. Suddenly life feels like a straight jacket and your motivation to get up in the morning is nowhere to be seen.

On the outside we look the same way we did yesterday but today maybe something happened that just tipped the scales. The fine balance we create to function everyday has shifted and it all just comes crushing down.

Life is so busy and we don't realise how high we set the bar for ourselves, the pressure to be the perfect girlfriend, wife, mother or friend is set by expectation, unachievable gender roles, magazines and TV. Even on social media the consistent comparison to other people to be healthier, thinner, fitter, more 'spiritual' just more more more more more.




You do not need to be any thing more than you are right now.

You are ENOUGH

You are exactly where you are supposed to be and everything is unfurling just the way it should. In this moment everything is ok, you are ok.


What is, is. We must find acceptance in that. Shake off the things you cannot control, be gentle and kind to the you you are right now, give yourself permission to be human. Recognise and relish your inner amazingness today, super woman kind fight the world again at a later date.

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