The Truth About Menstrual Products & the Power of Your Period

So many menstrual products are designed to make you feel as though your period 'isn't happening'.

It's not something to embrace, it's something to hide - says society

Big menstrual product companies sell you the dream of feeling period-free (And don't get me started on the cartwheeling down the beach in white shorts! No, No thank you, on your way please!).

We've become so accustomed to flushing everything down the loo without a second thought because, let's face it, we don't want to give it a second thought.

But you should.

Depending on what menstrual products you use will also frame your experience with your menstrual blood (which is not gross, despite what teenage boys of yonder years told you).

🩸 Of all the flush-and-go products, tampons are at the top. They are created and marketed to give you that barely-there experience. And until you have to change them (and apart from all the stabby in the womb feels) it could almost be like you weren't even having a period.

🩸 Pads (especially reusable ones) definitely create a deeper connection because you can see your blood every time you use the loo (yes I'm going to keep saying it, sorry, not sorry if it triggers you but this is what breaking the taboo sounds like). 

🩸But the biggest connection (and my personal fave) is menstrual cups. Totally convenient, much like a tampon, but removing and emptying your cup can give you a really intimate connection to your menstrual blood.

Your menstrual cycle is not just a monthly inconvenience.

It's a testament to your body's incredible ability to renew and regenerate itself. What's more, it's a vital part of creating life itself (This just blows my mind 🤯).

It's a powerful way for your body to communicate your overall health because your menstrual cycle is considered the fifth vital sign of health, alongside metrics like pulse rate, body temperature, and blood pressure.

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A little ritual I sometimes do is to give my blood back to the earth. I dilute one cup of blood in a litre of water and water my garden with it. Plants love the nitrates and for me, it is a very grounding ritual that connects me back to the great nature that surrounds us all. 

You can also do this with the water after you rinse your reusable pads.

So, rather than masking it as a nuisance, maybe celebrate it for the remarkable function that it is. Just saying.....

When you bleed, you are experiencing a process that has been at the core of human existence since the beginning of life. And that innate power and wisdom deserve a little attention and appreciation.

More than that, It's a natural and essential function that provides you with a unique opportunity to connect with your body and attune to the ebbs and flows within you, to better understand your needs and rhythms.

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Of course, menstrual products play a significant role in managing your period. They are essential tools that enable you to navigate your periods comfortably and with dignity.

They allow you to carry on with your daily life without disruptions. But it's crucial to remember that their purpose isn't to make your period disappear.

Your menstrual cycle is a testament to the strength and resilience of your body.

From the shedding of the uterine lining to the preparations for potential pregnancy, your body undergoes a complex series of changes every month. It's a reminder of the incredible capabilities your body possesses.

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So, instead of shying away from this process, celebrate it as a symbol of the strength within you.

The next time you reach for (insert preferred menstrual product here), remember that you're not trying to erase your period. You're:

✨ Honouring your internal wisdom

✨ Acknowledging your body's natural rhythm

✨ And participating in a universal lived experience.

One experienced by all the generations before you, connecting you to them in the cycle of life.