Hi, I'm Samantha Apply Here jOIN NOW Learn how to make your cycle the best asset you have in your business.... ....so that you can scale toward your vision of success in a way that feels supported, spacious and sustainable!

I'm here to help you stop the voice that tells you to push harder! And build the unshakable foundations you need to create the success that lives on your vision board! Learn to manage your energy and master your mindset one cycle at a time so that you can unlock the secrets of sustainable growth!

This is for you if you feel like -

👉🏽 You've been in business for a few years, and you're doing all the things, but everything has just kind of bottlenecked and you're not moving closer to where you want to be.

👉🏽 You want to scale your business but you already feel like you are at maximum capacity and you don't know how you'll fit in more!

👉🏽 You are fed up with riding the highs in your business and feeling like a human puddle in the lows.

👉🏽 You've tried all the things from all the best business coaches but are realising that it just doesn't fit your vision of success!

If this is you keep reading!

I know you started your business because you dreamt of having more freedom to do the things you love in life, but somehow you've ended up working more hours than ever!

Or you're making sure you are taking time for you, but when you come back into your business on Mondy morning everything quickly snowballs leaving you with that tight feeling in your chest as overwhelm creeps in.

And I also know that despite having the best intentions for morning routines, productivity plans, goals and monthly targets, you only ever seem to be nailing them for a few weeks before they drop out again!

But it definitely doesn't have to be this way, and there definitely is a better way to do it!

So imagine it's Monday morning, you go to your calendar and everything is mapped out are ready to go. You have other systems and processes to keep you in check, and a todo list already planned out (and this is the best bit) that magically matches your energy and motivation! Because news flash, that shifts throughout the month.

👉🏽 And what 90% of women in business don't know, is that we are not designed to do all of the things all of the time!

AND That's not a bad thing! Nor does it make you less worthy! And there is nothing wrong with you, I promise.

❓ So if you've been wondering why even though you made a promise to do (insert priority task here) each and every day, you keep trailing off after a few weeks, there's a very good reason why!

👉🏽 You are in a body that is biologically designed to have fluctuating energy levels, and do you know what also fluctuates? Your motivation AND mindset too!

So imagine how differently your business (and your life too) would look if you were constantly working in tangent with the rhythm of your natural energy cycles.

And that each day you felt like you had systems and strategies to support you and keep you moving forward! Not only that, but more space in your day-to-day so that you actually had more time to work on the bits you love!

Lovely things people say....

So if you are ready to ditch the blueprint methods (that never worked for you anyway) and the systems that mainstream business models are based on (because they were built by someone on a different energy cycle than you) Then I've got you!

My 3-month 1:1 Cyclical Sucess Programme is for you!

What to expect?

Over 12 weeks we will overhaul your business so that it becomes a thing you can't wait to get to on a Monday morning. Using my Cyclical Sucess Method we will cover -

Inner Care

Helping you to understand your body and why its fluctuating energy levels means there are different times in your cycle when different things work best. We will look at sleep hygiene, space for rest and recovery, nervous system regulation and ways to support your inner ecosystem. Because long-term success means building a sustainable business model, and the driving force behind that genius is YOU!


We will look at everything you have in place to support you in your day-to-day and for those times when your inspiration has disappeared, your motivation is on holiday and your energy levels have hit 'Im just going to watch one more eposide' levels!

Road Map

Together we are going to work out what the next 12 months might look like for you, what you want to build, what you want to create or run, and how much money you want to make! We will then create the strategies you need to help you get there and that honour what is important to you and the way you want to run your business.

At the end of our 12 sessions together you will-

✔️ Have ways to support your body, your cycle and your inner ecosystem so that you can anticipate the fluctuations of energy in your cycle AND know how to navigate them!

✔️ You will have processes that support YOUR specific needs! Because one size doesn't fit all! Your vision of success will look very different to the next person and so it's important to have a way to support that.

✔️ You will have a clear road map in front of you so that you know where you going, aligned with YOUR vision and YOUR why and the step-by-step ways to help you get there.

✔️ And most importantly, you will begin to develop a connection to your intuition, what's right for you and your business. Because that is the guiding star in all of this and too often we shut out that little voice, maybe you doubt it or struggle to trust yourself because youve been burnt before.

👉🏽 But here's the thing, when you lead from a place of authenticity and let that be the guide in what you are trying to build, it will always shine through, and THAT is what will make you irresistible to your ideal client!

What you will receive....

🩸 12 x 90-minute calls on Zoom spread over either 3 or 6 months

🩸 What's App support in between sessions. Voice notes are a great way of communicating and addressing how you feel in the moment so you can keep forward momentum!

🩸 Free access to the Root & Rise Virtual Yoga Studio for the duration of your package to support your journey.

There will also be the option to continue our time together at the end of the 3 months if you feel you want additional support.

My promise to you....

🩸 Me, in your corner, holding space for you as you and giving you my undivided attention, support and guidance.

🩸 I promise to be there, to keep you accountable, and help you navigate through this process. Making the decision to lead from your heart to follow your passion can be filled with resistance, self-doubt, fear and comparison.

🩸 I will be there to hold space for you every week, for you to show up just as you are, guiding you back to self, so you can work toward success on YOUR terms!

Am I for you?

I am here to tell you all that your menstrual cycle is a gateway into understanding everything about yourself.

That's some radical stuff!!! It's a big bold statement, and you know what, it's the truth and I can say it because it's been my truth and I have helped my clients to see theirs too.

Now, I don’t have out-of-the-box solutions or overnight fixes I’m afraid, but what I can do is support and guide you, passionately, to make the change you want in your business. And be there every step of the way to cheer you on as you make the moves to show up as your most authentic self!

I have spent over a decade on my own personal development, taken countless courses and programs to uplevel my own outdated programming, and uplevel my mindset to be able to hold space for others.

I am a certified Cycle Coach and Yoga Teacher and I learnt with some of the best in the industry to arrive where I am today. I am a successful entrepreneur and business owner, which in itself is a path of ruthless personal development in which you come face to face with your own worth and inner critic every day.

And I continue to expand on what I have been trained to facilitate, to give depth and richness to the support I am able to offer my clients by getting my own support and having my own lived experience!

In my previous life, I used to work a 9-5  job in Sales & Marketing that I enjoyed, but didn't exactly set my soul on fire. I loved all my co-workers and it was comfortable but something was missing. I stayed in it because I was acting from fear and scarcity, in a society that conditioned me into that space. One day, I got to the point where I just couldn't carry on doing what I was doing any longer.

I had a passion for yoga and I knew I wanted to serve others to discover all the joys that it had brought to my life. So after a lot of planning and saving, I did it! I left my job and set out into the world to have an adventure. I had no idea that step would lead me to become a Cyclical Business Coach!

..and that's the thing, when we listen to our hearts and follow our intuition, amazing change can take place and lead you to far and distant lands, figuratively and physically!

And the more I peeled away the layers and did my own learning and healing, the more I knew that I just couldn't hide from my calling to guide others in the journey that I had taken myself, supporting them where I wish I'd had someone holding my hand!

How I show up in my business is how I show up in my life. I embody what I teach, walk my talk and unashamedly and unapologetically step out into the world each day as the business owner I know I am here to be.

Let me help you find that in your business too! 💕

Questions I get asked a lot....

No problem, for whatever reason you don't have a cycle or it is irregular you can learn to chart the cycle you do have or cycle with the moon. Learn more about that here.

Yes, the 3-month programme has been designed as an intensive package that will help you kick-start your business. But you might want additional support as work to implement this. We can continue for as long as you need or want support for.

Absolutely, after you've made your application we will set up a call to talk about how I can best help you and what our time together might look like. We can discuss payment then and what works for you. You can make your application HERE

I offer Success Minis which is a 30-day sprint where we get laser-focused on one area of your business. But depends on what you want to achieve and the time frame you want to achieve it in. So let's just have a chat to figure out what you most need support with and what will work best for you right now. You can make your application HERE

If you read this far and you are still undecided let's just have a real talk! The story you've been told is that your energy and performance is supposed to match that of someone on a different hormonal cycle to you! Trying to fit into this mould will always push you and leave you open to burnout.

Your energy fluctuates throughout the month and this heavily influences your energy levels, your motivation, creativity and confidence. You are a cyclical being, and the society you live in now does not make space for that.

Your cycle is not a weakness! You live in a world that constantly works against your cyclical energy! Our society has set unachievable expectations for cyclical beings to keep on performing which leads to exhaustion, overwhelm, and disconnect.

There is so much more to your menstrual cycle than your period. Your cycle is wise and powerful! Imagine living effortlessly with balanced energy and an internal compass that supports and guides you every day. Every month your energy levels fluctuate and each phase is an opportunity to explore more of yourself so that you can understand your body better and the capabilities and wonders that each phase brings.

Understanding yourself, your cycles of energy, and the different facets of your inner nature is empowering. Living and working in alignment with your cycle and knowing how to optimise your life, in flow with your cyclical energy, allows you to step into your fullest vision of success!