Completely Here and Effortlessly Now


Whilst pondering how to open this paragraph I caught myself staring out of the window for I don't know how long, watching the rain fall and listening to the pitter-patter on the ground as plumes of misty clouds rolled down the hillside. I spent some time marvelling at it all and until I pulled my mind back, and I realsiesd, I was completely here and effortlessly now.

It is difficult to keep the focus on the 'moment' during normal life let alone when we are experiencing difficulty! Our minds just want to be anywhere but right now, they are happiest either looking back and reflecting on the past or projecting into the future, even to just spend time pondering the afternoon or evening ahead takes us away from what is happening right now.

The bonus for being present is that we are truly aware and truly living. The past no longer exists and cannot be changed, and the future is not upon us yet and we cannot make it happen quicker regardless of our efforts to wish it so.

It's crazy that we expend so much effort living in a time that is not real, now is real, now is here, now is amazing because you are alive. More than that, you ARE life, life is not something we have it's something we are all the time, more specifically, right now.

It helps us to use a tool to focus our minds, I love yoga for just this reason, it helps to move through mindful, present movement, breathing and connecting with now. I am living and it's pretty great, even when it's not. The future you look forward to will arrive, but not any quicker than it will. So it's crazy not to enjoy now while we wait right?

It doesn't have to be yoga if that's not your thing, any activity that can elicit a feeling of presence can be a tool. I'm not just talking about activities to drown out the thoughts like numbing with TV. I mean being so fulfilled and content with what you are doing that no thought is needed. To be fully involved to the point where all you are focused on is the now, completely aware and connected and away from the incessant roller coaster of mindless thought.

This is another reason why I also LOVE cycle charting! It's a sacred time in my day where I get to, just for a few minutes, sit with myself, breathe and ask how I FEEL, no mat needed and I can do it anywhere I am. It connects me to the here and now, how I feel in my body and how I feel in my mind. I moment to honour how I feel, not what has happened or what might happen, but how I am in this moment. And making the decision to honour how you feel and align your tasks and activities to meet you where you are each day validates you and the way you feel! You can grab your cycle tracker here.

What makes you feel present?