Move with Your Cycle


Online Yoga & Cyclical Living Guide

4 x 1 Hour Classes | One for each phase of your cycle
Menstrual Phase - Body Talks | Yin
Pre Ovulation - Feeling into Frustration
Ovulation Phase - Contained Energy
Pre Menstrual - Sweet Release

Cyclical Living Guide & Cycle Tracker
All you need to get started with Tracking and Cyclical Living.


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Why Move with Your Cycle?

Have you ever felt for 3 weeks of the month things don't seem to come as easy as you want? Maybe you feel like there must be something wrong with you or you're just kind of failing? I hear you.

Your hormones fluctuate every single month, and every single day you live within a phase in your cycle. Those phases shift regularly and influence how you feel and what energy you have, meaning, how you felt last week will almost certainly not be how you feel this week, and that happens every single month.

So, it's not that for some reason you are failing, or not doing enough you are just designed to experience peaks and troughs in energy.

So, doesn't it make sense that you have a practice that works with your body and these natural fluctuations? I've got you, my friend! I designed this series for this very reason! 4 Yoga classes, each tailored to meet the energy of each cycle phase. To read more about moving with your cycle Click Here