Don't Struggle Alone

Dealing with an 'invisible' condition can feel pretty isolating and lonely. But you don't have to go through it alone! There's support out there to help ease your living costs and make work more manageable with reasonable adjustments. Check out these guides for more info, along with a handy template for disclosing your condition to your employer.

Resources for Employees & Employers

Get Your Chronic Condition Template LetterIt can be difficult to talk to your boss about personal things at the best of times, especially when it involves discussing something as personal…
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PIP Eligibility for Menstrual Conditions and Related Disorders If you're dealing with menstrual conditions or related disorders, you might be wondering if there's any support available to help you cope…
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Access to Work Grants for Menstrual-Related Conditions The UK government provides Access to Work grants and offers financial assistance to people with disabilities or health conditions to help cover the…
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Employers grab your FREE Workplace Checklist

Forward-thinking businesses that prioritise their employee well-being know that their staff are the most valuable asset they have! And by supporting them they cultivate a better work culture that allows everyone to thrive. 
Download your complimentary Menstrual Wellness Workplace Checklist in line with the current BSI standards recently issued for Menstruation & Menopause in the workplace.

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