FREE 5 Day Yoga Immersion

Are you open to connecting with your body on a deeper level?

What's the immersion all about?

30 Minutes of Meditation & Yoga for 5 Days in a Private Members-Only Facebook Group

⚑ Have you always wanted to try yoga but are not sure how and don't want to do it on your own?

⚑Are you ready to find more comfort and confidence in your own skin and to feel empowered by being your most authentic self? πŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

⚑ Do you find that you just never have time for ANYTHING for yourself, let alone yoga?

If that speaks to you then join me for my Yoga 5-day immersion. We will look at -

πŸ’— What's holding you back from creating a regular fitness or wellbeing practice.

πŸ’— What needs to move in order for you to take time for self-care and how you can keep yourself accountable.

πŸ’— What routine do you want to create in your life and, steps that need to be put in place to do that?

In the 5 days we are going to meditate, move and start to build the foundations of a regular practice. πŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Helping you move well in your daily life, lowering discomfort, aches, pains by learning how to use your body better.

Root & Rise is about more than physical movement, it's about changing mindsets and cultivating a regular practice to inspire mindfulness in your day on and off the mat.

Day 1 - Mon 7th Dec - 7.30 am

Root - Check In 

Day 2 - Tue 8th Dec - 7.30 am

Move - Make Some Heat

Day 3 - Wed 9th Dec - 7.30 am

Centre - Looking Inward

Day 4 - Thur 10th Dec - 7.30 am

Restore - Gentle Movement

Day 5 - Fri 11th Dec - 7.30 am

Rise - Energise and Flow

You get your very own Workbook to work through the immersion and there is even homework but its all good stuff so don't worry!!

Every evening we will catch up in the group for a Tea & Chat and you can ask questions.

The group is there to share and support, you won't be alone and I will be there to guide you through. If nothing else it will be a bit of fun and a great way to Pre-Tox before Christmas and go in to the festive season with a clear head.

Please note all UK times. Each practice will take place live in the Facebook group and will be recorded for anyone that can't make it in the morning.

About Me

Yoga has changed everything for me and it's only in the last 2 years that I have begun to realise how much.

I love to move my body and my practice doesn't always look like yoga, somedays it more like interpretive dance, and somedays I might just breathe. I am driven to find new ways to practice and creative ways to tap into creating functional movement. Bodies that function are sexy! Yup! You heard me. Aint nothing attractive about lower back agony! I want to be zipping around when I'm 80, still having adventures and all the stuff I love. We have to nourish the only body we have NOW.

I have been practising Yoga for 8 years, and for the last 5, it has been a daily practice. Yoga has a way of coming into your life at just the right moment and then your hooked! Once it became part of my every day I knew there was no way I would want to ever be without it. If fact I loved it so much that I just wanted to be able to share it with others so that they could also find the magic and wonder of this ancient practice.

It was only natural that I should teach. So the official bit, I am a qualified vinyasa teacher and registered with the Yoga Alliance. I trained with some of the best at The Sacred Fig. More than that, I live it. Every day. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep and with all my heart and soul.

What does that mean?

It means that I practice being connected to my body and being consciously and mindfully aware of myself and who I am in the world and it never stops. Full disclosure, I struggled with body confidence and eating disorders, and it was just the other day I said to a friend, do you know, at nearly 40, I have never felt so confident in my body as I do right now! Even with wobbly bits and the bits that stick out and bits that aren't as toned as they once were. I feel amazing, and I know in my heart that is because of the way my mindset has shifted. I constantly work with my body rather than against it, I have developed a deep connection to myself to listen to what I need and what I know is good for me.

So my friends, are you ready to feel this for yourself? To feel empowered, body-confident and to be ready for whatever life throws at you?