Hi, I'm Samantha Root & Rise is a virtual studio that delivers cyclical yoga designed to help you build a sustainable and consistent practice that honours your energy and works in flow with your hormonal fluctuations.
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Online yoga to connect you with your natural energy cycles!

➡️ Root & Rise helps you move with the rhythm of your energetic cycle to develop a deeper connection to your body and intuition that will nourish your inner ecosystem so you can live with more ease and flow.

➡️ Stop asking 'What's wrong with me?' every month and pushing your body to its limits and instead find freedom and ease by moving in the right way for you in each cycle phase.

➡️ Over 70 hours of practices to choose from and a new practice is added each week so you can choose from the library to find a practice perfect for you in every phase of your cycle pre, peri or post-menopause.

This is for you if.....

🩸 If you have a period but your energy levels are a bit of a mystery, your emotional fluctuations blindside you a little and you feel frustrated when your body doesn't keep up with what you want it to.

🩸 You don't have a period (for whatever reason) and want to develop an understanding of how to move cyclically using the moon cycle to map your energy levels. Click here to read more

🩸 You are curious about working with your cycle and want to develop your body literacy, deepen your intuition and make sense of the fluctuations you experience.

🩸 You are a new OR experienced yoga student and you want to learn how to practice in rhythm with your natural energy cycle to enhance your practice and move in a way that cultivates harmony for your inner ecosystem.

Online, on-demand Cyclcical Yoga at your fingertips and in the comfort of your own home.

✔️ Delve deeper into cycle wisdom and learn how to listen to your body so you know what you need and when on and off the mat.

✔️ Discover how to move with the rhythms of your natural energy cycle and use embodied movement to explore each cycle phase.

✔️ Learn how to balance your movement and organise your life that you can live in flow supported from within.

✔️ Each flow is designed to work with your energy cycle and energy levels if you choose. No cycle? No problem, you can move with the cycle of the moon. Click here to read more

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What do you get in the membership?

Choose from 3 packages either Balance, Harmony or Radiance


✨ 4 x Practices per month - A new one for each cycle/moon phase. A mix of Power Vinyassa, Yin, Creative and Embodied movement.

✨ Mini Posture Workshops - On-demand requests for posture workshops to help you grow your practice.

✨ A copy of my Period Harmony Guide & Workshop to get you started with everything you need to know to live more cyclically.

✨ Access to the private Root & Rise Facebook community, use this space to request workshops and get support.


Everything included in the Balance package.


Membership to The Cyclical Collective!!

The Cyclical Collective is a community for passionate, women-owned businesses that provides cyclical strategies & self-care practices to help you work in harmony with your hormones so you can THRIVE!

Combine your movement practices with Cyclical support for your business! Find out more about The Cyclical Collective HERE


Everything included in the Balance package.


1x monthly 1:1, 60min Coaching Session

For those that like high-level support, this is for you. Cyclical living is not another practice to add into an already full life, it's a way to reduce stress, and refocus what you're already doing so that you can build a life that works for you in tangent with your unique energy fluctuations.

Find out more about 1:1 Coaching HERE

My vision is to hold a compassionate space for you to develop an achievable, nourishing practice to experience movement with mindfulness and care. Guiding you with authenticity & encouraging you to work with your body and its cycles so that you can experience, grow and enjoy being your best self in the comfort of your own body.

~ Samantha Garstin

Your energy fluctuates every single month, and every single day you live within a phase in your cycle. Those phases shift regularly and influence how you feel, meaning, how you felt last week will almost certainly not be how you feel this week, and that happens every single month.

Not only will that define how you feel, but also the physical energy you have. Have you ever noticed some weeks you can do 7 days of cardio straight, and then the next you want to curl into a little ball on your mat with blankets and just have a 60-minute Shavasana?

That's your cyclical energy at play! It's not that for some reason you are failing, or not doing enough, it's that your cycle crates energy fluctuations that don't match the linear stream of energy the external world expects of you. You are designed to experience peaks and troughs and enjoy the insight each one brings. So doesn't it make sense that you have a practice that works with your body and these natural fluctuations? I've got you! Root & Rise was designed for this very reason.

Questions I get asked a lot.

About Me

Yoga has changed everything for me, I just love to move my body! Sometimes my practice doesn't even look like yoga, some days it's more like interpretive dance, and somedays I might just breathe. I am an eternal student, driven to find new ways to practice and expand my knowledge.

My menstrual cycle has also been a key player in shaping how I feel in the world, after having my last coil removed I felt compelled to explore my feminine energy as I reclaimed my cycle. The ancient wisdom of menstruality resonated with me deeply and I knew that this was my path.

My yoga practice began about 10 years ago. After years of pushing myself to the limits both in mind and body, my early practice created such a profound shift, that it left me totally hooked! Yoga is more than movement, it is a practice of being connected to your body with awareness, conscious intention and mindfulness. And this is what I love to bring to my teaching.

I have a variety of formal training, which pulls from numerous styles in the yoga system as well as various functional range techniques. I trained with The Sacred Fig and am certified as a Vinyassa teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance.

I blend a style of traditional yoga systems and functional movement methods along with my own twist of cyclical wisdom to offer a varied practice that helps my students move with more freedom, ease and flow both on and off the mat.

I am also a certified Cycle Coach and Menstrual Wellness Educator mentored by Claire Baker, which offers a unique blend of experience to help my students move with the rhythm of their natural energy cycles.

I live the practice of being connected to my body and its cycles to help me stay consciously and mindfully, aware of myself and who I am in the world every day. My own body has been one of my biggest teachers!

I walk my talk and live what I preach. So much of what I am able to share has been informed by my own experiences, I live it every day, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep!

I am guided and comforted daily by an internal compass which has led me on a journey of self-exploration both on and off the mat. The marriage of Yoga and Cyclical Living has changed my life in ways I never thought possible and for that, I am deeply grateful.

Are you ready to feel this for yourself? To feel empowered and body confident and to be ready for whatever life throws at you?