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Balance Package
£24.00per month
  • The Balance package is great value and the perfect starting place to begin your practice!

  • You Get

  • 4 x Practices, a new one every week.

  • On-Demand Workshops

  • Access to the Archives

  • PLUS

  • A playlist of music for each practice.

  • Access to the Root & Rise Community

  • Cycle Tracker and Guide

  • Seasons of the Cycle Workshop

Radiance Package
£98.00per month
  • For those ready to uplevel, optimise and receive high level suport, this premium package is for you!

  • You Get

  • Everything included in the Balance package.

  • PLUS

  • 1x monthly 1:1, 60min Coaching Session

  • This is for you if you are ready to do the work to fully integrate the practice of Cyclical living into your day to day to create a life that feels easful, satisfying and fulfilled.

For passionate, women business owners ready to THRIVE!

The Cyclical Collective redefines what running a business looks like as a cyclical, multifaceted being. And guides you to find holistic ways of working, because hustling harder won't get you there quicker!

I know you are passionate about what you do and you are here for the long game! The C/Co is there to provide you with sustainable ways to work inflow with your energy each and every day.

And because so much of your success is dependent on your wellbeing The Cyclical Collective prioritises self-kindness practices that go to nourish YOU and your business so you can learn to work in harmony with your inner ecosystem.