Why should I move in rhythm with my Menstrual Cycle?

Samantha Garstin Yoga / INTIMINA

Going against the flow of your natural rhythm causes tension and dis-ease in the body.

Moving in sync with your body during your cycle helps to nourish you by working with your body rather than against it so you can better use your energy throughout the month so you can live with more balance and inner harmony.

However, not all of us have a cycle so this may not be so clear or easy to spot, the best way to get started with understanding and anticipating your energy fluctuations is to track them.

However, not all of us have an obvious cycle, some of us take birth control, some of us are post-menopause, post-natal, some of us don't have a regular cycle due to conditions like PCOS. If this is the case mapping out different moods/sensations throughout the month can be so helpful in helping to restore balance.

Luckily the moon can help you here! Your energy runs with the phases of the moon, so if you want to create more regularity or you no longer bleed, you can use the moon as an anchor. You can use the new moon energy in place of your menstrual phase and the full moon energy in place of your ovulatory phase. However, this does not align for everyone and you may want to swap them around, but you can use that as a guide to begin while you establish your own energy patterns. This way you can create a little more structure and use the moon phases like a compass.

The best way to get started in finding the patterns is by cycle tracking, I have a FREE guide and cycle tracker HERE so you can get started straight away.

If you're looking for an app, I recommended FLO, there are lots of options to log symptoms but nothing beats good ol' journalling, here you will have more space to jot down prominent feelings. Tracking is the first step to a more cyclical life. The next stage is rest!

During your period your hormones are at rock bottom, so doesn't it makes sense that you tailor your movment to match your energy? Even if you don't have a period, you will still have a cycle of energy, so mapping it out in a way you can clearly see will help you to spot patterns.

When we take care to move with our bodies rather than against and just keep jamming ourselves into life, we can create a more balanced stream of energy over the whole of the month. Woking cyclically can help to regain a regular cycle and ease painful periods and symptoms of PMS and open your mind to a new way of living and moving on and of the mat!

So this is what our cycles look like energetically speaking -

Pre Ovulation - Follicular Phase

Beginning with pre-ovulation, the Spring phase (first week after your period) Our energy increases and we enter a phase that can be very productive. This is a time to start moving the body again, get super productive at work and organise all the big jobs that need doing. It symbolises the future and our potential. It can also be a very tender time so don't rush too quickly to get back to your superwoman status or you might shine too bright too quickly and burn out.


During ovulation, our energy peaks and we move into the summer of our cycle. This is the phase we all love as we feel we can take on the world. This is a time of motivation, productivity, and sensuality. Use this time to execute big tasks like launches or projects and move the body in new and challenging ways. 

Pre Menstruation - Luteal Phase

The week prior to our period energy starts to ground, think of it like the Autumn of our cycle. It's time to get things in order before we mensurate and start reserving our energy, start to slow it down and go inwards. Autumn gets a bad rap as we are so accustomed to feeling in pain, but what if these symptoms were your body's kickback from not having rest when we needed it most? Autumn can be a wonderful time of creativity and reflection, but mostly a time to slow it down.


The week of our period is the Winter of our cycle. It is a time to take rest, restore and preserve with grounding energy. Many of us really struggle during this time so it is wise to match our movement and activities for how we feel. It's a cycle for a reason, as sure enough as winter passes, spring will return.

I have a Facebook group that runs alongside my membership group if you want to deep dive on this a bit more, the group is full of tips and advice for Cyclical Living you can join the group here

So with this in mind, I have designed the Root & Rise Mebership with 4 types of flows to help you move in sync with your body-



Flowing movement to build strength & mobility.


Ovulation Week

Challenging movement to progress your practice.



Going inwards, creative movement to balance and centre.



Gentle Yoga to help ground, reset and restore.