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Learning From People That Make You Mad!

Urghhhh I just can't STAND her!!!! She is SO irritating!!!! I bet you have someone in your life that you just can’t stand! They just make you furious and as much as you think you are developing as a person and feeling all zen, that person puts you right back to basic.

I know that I have had people in my life that just make my blood boil, yup reality check, I fell off my meditation cushion, bruised my ego and remembered I'm human and I have a whole bunch of work still to do!
Now there is no excuse for someone to bully, be cruel, unkind or rude, that is a moment to just walk away or consider removing that person from your life.

There is NO reason to have toxic people around you! However, if it’s just their personality or an aspect about them, then triggers are a unique opportunity to shine the spotlight back on you.

Very often an aspect we find difficult to accept in another person is reflected in us, maybe someone’s outgoing loud personality triggers our insecurity about being centre of attention, or someone’s body confidence triggers our own insecurity of our body. At work, a colleague celebrating their promotion could trigger emotions, as we may have wanted a promotion and have been overlooked. There are so many different reasons why we might be triggered.

It may be a harsh truth but once you are consciously aware that someone has triggered you (and before you continue with a tirade of reasons why they are just awful) it might be worth turning the tables for a minute to see if there is something to learn about ourselves in that moment.
What triggers you? Ooooh was it me and this post hehehe

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