Want to create a menstrual-friendly workplace that allows every BODY to thrive AND increase productivity and profit?

Menstruation is a (non-optional) biological process experienced by people in your workforce.

 Without support available, they are left with no option but to ‘go through the motions’ at work, whilst battling through cramps, headaches, nausea and fatigue!

This reality leaves employees feeling frustrated, unsupported, undervalued and burdened by the expectation to endure discomfort to fit into workplace norms.

This lack of understanding sends a clear message….

👉 Their needs are overlooked and empathy is glaringly absent.

Things must change! We can do better!

And this is why I am passionate about being able to change the conversation around being in a body that bleeds.

Did you know - 👉 PMS-related presenteeism costs UK businesses an average of 8.4 lost days per year?
That amounts to a LOSS of £673 in earnings paid per employee costing UK Businesses £6 billion per year!

The hormonal fluctuations experienced throughout an average cycle (28 days) directly impact how women and people with periods feel - every day, all day!

But, what no one is taught is this… it is possible to work with these fluctuations, and even learn to anticipate them.

Meaning that - anyone who does experience a cycle will always know what support they’ll need and when they'll need it! 

By equipping your workforce with this awareness, you unlock a new level of productivity and cultivate an inclusive, supportive company culture that prioritises the well-being of all employees.

Menstrual wellness measures and policies acknowledge the unique challenges that menstruating individuals face...

And offers every BODY the essential resources and support they need to navigate their workdays with comfort and dignity!

Employers who acknowledge the diversity of menstrual experiences and implement measures to provide individual support, ensure that ALL employees can thrive.

Prior to working with Samantha, I frequently had days where I physically could not get out of bed, let alone make it to the office, which inevitably led to me having to call in sick. Even on days when I could manage to work, the pain made it almost impossible to concentrate! - Julie Farrin, County Broadband 

Proud to have worked with....

Why should leading businesses and organisations book Menstrual Wellness Workshops?
👉 To demonstrate their culture and commitment to their staff, customers and stakeholders.
Progressive businesses that prioritise their employee well-being know that their staff are their most valuable asset!
👉 Valued people give value.

And by supporting them, it allows everyone to thrive. 

  • Culture is elevated,
  • The workforce is empowered, 
  • Those with cycles will feel seen and respected,
  • Those without cycles will help their teams to feel supported.
My role? Is to create ease in the workplace around the sensitive subject of menstruation and provide the 'missing education' we never got in school.

I provide your teams with the know-how to navigate and normalise menstrual cycle conversations... cringe-free. Giving everyone the tools they need to understand this very human aspect of life and approach conversations with empathy rather than embarrassment.

So, consider me part of your extended team and your go-to for all things menstrual wellness.

Menstrual Education delivers massive ROI:

🩸 Enhanced workforce productivity, leading to a reduction in costs associated with presenteeism and absenteeism.

🩸 Decreased expenses linked to high turnover,  as employees feel valued, respected, and supported, creating trust and loyalty within the organisation.

🩸 Attraction and retention of valuable talent, as people are supported through their cycles and into peri/menopause.

👉 This inclusive approach creates a positive work environment that cultivates long-term commitment and engagement. Everybody benefits!

Samantha provided energy and competence, making the workshop both engaging and educational. With Samantha's advice, we can learn more about people's menstrual cycle experiences at work and connect them to provide help and support - Folashade Adetunji, SITA

5 Bloody Marvellous Reasons to Book A Workshop

Fun & Engaging

I don't do snooze-fest training! Your team can expect an impactful, interactive, engaging workshop using visual facilitation methods that get them thinking, acting and implementing.


Sensitive topics require a delicate touch. As someone who experiences menstruation (and has delivered countless workshops about it), your team can expect a safe, supported and friendly space for open discussions.

For Everyone 

Happy staff are 13.9% more productive at work! So whether you want to support your teams or better understand your partners and family members there will be something valuable for everyone that joins. 

Tangible Tools

Your training session is designed to support your staff and help them do their job even better. Every BODY will leave with actionable tools & tips to effectively manage their energy.


Empowering your staff to understand and embrace the power of their bodies allows them to make informed choices that optimise their personal well-being AND efficiency at work!

Samantha brought energy and expertise making the workshop so enjoyable and informative. With Samantha’s help, we can learn more about people’s menstrual cycle experiences at work and guide them to help and support. Sara Bird, National Trust

Choose from one of my services and bring a little harmony to HR, energy to your employees and bloody brilliance to your boardroom.

One to One Menstrual Mentoring

Learn how to optimise your energy, motivation and mindset with the bloody marvellous power of your menstrual cycle and never ask ‘What's wrong with me?’ again.

  • Supports anyone in any role to better understand their cyclical energy.
  • Educates how to support those around you at work and at home.
  • AND how to support yourself, especially if in a position of leadership.
  • 4 x 60 min 1:1 calls over 4 weeks. One in each cycle phase.
  • Resources and handouts to cement your practice.
  • 3 months taster in my Cyclical Yoga Studio (no experience necessary)
  • Option to work on ongoing
Bloody Marvellous Menstrual Workshops

Turn your workplace into a cycle-savvy, menstrual-welcoming wonderland with tailor-made Bloody Marvellous Workshops. Online & In-person options.

  • Reduces presenteeism and absenteeism.
  • Elevates company culture and confidence.
  • Improves team connection and communication.
  • Optimises productivity and efficiency.
  • Pre-workshop consultation.
  • Pre-workshop questionnaire.
  • Workshop Online or In person.
  • Q&A Session.
  • Menstrual Culture Audit.
Bloody Brilliant Leaders Training

Training to give your leaders and managers the tools they need to approach conversations about periods with empathy, rather than embarrassment.

  • Supports your leaders so they can support your teams.
  • Helps leaders to better manage their own energy.
  • Reduces risk of losing valuable talent.
  • Prevents the risk of a tribunal.
  • Informal group-led discussion
  • Q&A session
  • Tools and actionable tips.
  • Menstrual Culture Audit.

*Suggested in addition to a Menstrual Workshop.

And don't just take my word for it......