Hi, I'm Samantha Click Here jOIN NOW It's time to define what success
looks like on your terms!
And connect with a community of like minded
business owners while you're doing it!

Do you ever wonder why one week you are on fire hosting workshops and making content and the next you have zero motivation to get off the sofa and you feel like a total imposter?

I hear you! And you are not alone! So here's the thing, it's not you. You are not failing. And it's not because you aren't good enough or can't handle it.

It's because of one extremely influential reason that I bet that, up until recently, you had never really considered before....

It's your hormones! And that sad truth is, there is a serious lack of awareness in the mainstream business world about how hugely impactful your fluctuating hormone levels can be on your mood, motivation and mindset!

Running a business doesn't automatically mean you have to burn yourself out to get it all done! Sure, sometimes you gotta hustle because.... well....life, but that shouldn't be 100% of your work strategy right?!

👉🏽 I know running a business single handily is hard enough as it is without energy levels that skyrocket one week and drop off the face of the planet the next, you're a 10-person team in 1 and some days just feel like a lot!
👉🏽 I know some days you struggle because you've got a to-do list as long as your arm, a mind full of exciting projects to build and you can't fit it all in or your mind monkeys sabotage you when you do try!
👉🏽 And I also know you feel the pressure every day to keep getting out into the world, to show up, engage, network and grow! But the truth is, it's not possible to do all the things, all the time.
⚡ Imagine what it would feel like to work in a way that aligned with your energy every day?
⚡ How would your life be different if you had sustainable strategies and methods that you felt motivated by?
⚡ What could you achieve if you were part of a supportive community that kept you accountable?


The Cyclical Collective is a community for passionate, women-owned businesses that provides cyclical strategies & self-care practices to help you work in harmony with your hormones so you can THRIVE!

The Cyclical Collective redefines what running a business looks like as a cyclical, multifaceted being. And guides you to find holistic ways of working, because hustling harder won't get you there quicker!

I know you are passionate about what you do and you are here for the long game! The C/Co is there to provide you with sustainable ways to work inflow with your energy each and every day.

And because so much of your success is dependent on your wellbeing The Cyclical Collective prioritises self-kindness practices that go to nourish YOU and your business so you can learn to work in harmony with your inner ecosystem.

The Cyclical Collective is a holistic approach to business and is founded on 4 core pillars!


Learn how to use your cycle as a superpower so you can work within the boundaries of your energy levels each and every day.


Get support and accountability as you scale your business and start to define what success looks like on your terms!


Connect, share and co-work with a community of like-minded change-makers and business owners as you learn and grow.

Self Care

Discover self-care practices to help you build a sustainable business model that supports you in the long term!

Join us to discover what running a business looks like when you feel aligned with your mood, motivation and mindset!

What to expect?

We work Cyclically, which means we work in Cycles, and because it would be a pretty big challenge to cater for everyone's cycle at once (as much as I'd love to), this space works in tangent with the moon!

The moon mirrors the menstrual cycle perfectly and not only gives us a way to work systematically together but it also guides you to learn more about how your own cyclic energy works. This not only keeps you in tune with the year's cycle but, it also gives you insight into your own inner seasons (more about that in the membership!)

This is a supportive space to learn, have a go, make things work for you and your business and then let go of what didn't. And it's not just about your business! It's about YOU the person behind it, how you nourish and care for yourself and what space you give yourself for recovery!

New Moon Intentions 
Hot Seat Coaching! Setting your goals for the month. Bring something you're working on to the calls to hash out ideas, get support and share. You can also then work on this during co-working sessions to get accountability.

Full Moon Accountability 
These are a chance to check in with your intentions and get help and get busy! We used this time to co-work after checking in to make sure you are getting the support you need to keep moving forward!

PLUS Full Support in our Whats App Community 
This group is to support you as you move through the month, I check in regularly with you to set mini goals that break down your monthly intentions, check in to see if you need support and reflect at the end of the week to keep you accountable!

Lovely things people say....

What you will receive from me....

🩸 2 x 90-min monthly calls held on zoom with replay access.

🩸 Mon-Fri Support in the Whats App group 9-5 GMT

🩸 You will get varied support from me including, guides, practices and little rituals to help cement your practice, we will work for you to create a sustainable practice going forward that you can maintain on your own.

🩸 Me, in your corner, holding space for you as you move through this process giving you my undivided attention, support and guidance.

My promise to you....

🩸 I promise to be there, to keep you accountable, and help you navigate through this process. Making the decision to show up in the world consciously and unashamedly as your true self can be filled with resistance, self-doubt, fear and comparison. I've got you!

🩸 I will be there to hold space for you every week, for you to show up just as you are, guiding you back to self, so you can live life on YOUR terms!

🩸 You'll have all the support you need from me in the group but if you feel called we can talk about 1:1 support going forward.

If you want to know if this space is right for you, this might help you decide.

✔ This space will guide you in creating a business you feel LIT UP by rather than feeling drained by the hustle of it all!

✔ It's about helping you build unshakable foundations for you to launch pad the success that lives in your head!

✔ The Cyclical Co. is about sustainable long-term growth and development that support you and your business. It's not about short-term fixes and out-of-the-box strategies.

✔ This is a place for you to talk freely about your cycles, periods and hormones, no judgement, no expectations. My mission is to change the conversation we have about menstrual wellness at all stages, this includes how we talk about each other and how we talk to our daughters, friends, and clients.

✔ This is a supportive space and you get to show up in any way you want, there are no expectations, no deadlines and no hustle.

Am I for You?

I am here to tell you all that your menstrual cycle is a gateway into understanding everything about yourself.

That's some radical stuff!!! It's a big bold statement, and you know what, it's the truth and I can say it because it's been my truth and I have helped my clients to see theirs too.

Now, I don’t have overnight remedies or magic pills I’m afraid, but what I can do is support and guide you, passionately, to make the change you want in your life, to be your most authentic, radiant being, and to live with a deep connection to your own wisdom!

I have spent over a decade on my own personal development, taken countless courses and programs to uplevel my own outdated programming, and uplevel my mindset to be able to hold space for others.

I am a trained Cycle Coach and Yoga Teacher and I learnt with some of the best in the industry to arrive where I am today. I am a successful entrepreneur and business owner, which in itself is a path of ruthless personal development in which you come face to face with your own worth and inner critic every day.

In my previous life, I used to work a 9-5  job in Marketing that I enjoyed, but didn't exactly set my soul on fire. I loved all my co-workers and it was comfortable but something was missing. I stayed in it because I was acting from fear and scarcity, in a society that conditioned me into that space. One day, I got to the point where I just couldn't carry on doing what I was doing any longer.

I had a passion for yoga and I knew I wanted to serve others to discover all the joys that it had brought to my life. So after a lot of planning and saving, I did it! I left my job and set out into the world to have an adventure. I had no idea that step would lead me to become a Menstrual Coach!

..and that's the thing, when we listen to our hearts and follow our intuition, amazing change can take place and lead you to far and distant lands, figuratively and physically!

The more I peeled away the layers of my own learning and healing, the more I knew that I just couldn't hide from my calling to guide others in the journey that I had taken myself, supporting them where I wish I'd had someone holding my hand.

How I show up in my business is how I show up in my life. I embody the radiance I teach and that is not always how it sounds, some days we feel like shit but radiance comes from still standing in your power. I unashamedly and unapologetically step out into the world each day as the woman I know I am here to be.

Your body's love language are the messages it gives you and I can guide you to listen to them.

It's in your womb, in your hips, in your heart, and in your gut! Join me and see for yourself 💕

Questions I get asked a lot....

No problem, for whatever reason you don't have a cycle or it is irregular you can learn to chart the cycle you do have or cycle with the moon. Learn more about that here.

Yes, you absolutely can, its a rolling monthly contract you can leave at any time PLUS I have created a no questions asked, 30-day money-back 'Complete Happiness Guarantee' policy!

If after 30 days you haven't fallen in love with The Cyclical Co. Fam and all the good stuff we get up to, I will refund you your payment in full so you can sign up *without* the worry, the risk or the concern.

This membership is a safe space to share, learn and grow without expectations or shame. You will be gently guided and supported throughout to explore your relationship with your business, your menstrual cycle and yourself. You do not need to have any experience with this work to join, just a curious open mind. Please get in touch here if you want to have a chat about what to expect.

Yes, I do. If you’ve felt the call to work with your cyclical energies but don’t know where to start or got lots of questions and google just isn’t cutting it, I offer a Cyclical Power Hours 1:1 to get you started, please contact me here to book.

If you read this far and you are still undecided let's just have a real talk! The story you've been told is that your energy and performance is supposed to match that of someone on a different hormonal cycle to you! Trying to fit into this mould will always push you and leave you open to burnout.

Your energy fluctuates throughout the month and this heavily influences your energy levels, your motivation, creativity and confidence. You are a cyclical being, and the society you live in now does not make space for that.

Your cycle is not a weakness! You live in a world that constantly works against your cyclical energy! Our society has set unachievable expectations for cyclical beings to keep on performing which leads to exhaustion, overwhelm, and disconnect.

There is so much more to your menstrual cycle than your period. Your cycle is wise and powerful! Imagine living effortlessly with balanced energy and an internal compass that supports and guides you every day. Every month your energy levels fluctuate and each phase is an opportunity to explore more of yourself so that you can understand your body better and the capabilities and wonders that each phase brings.

Understanding yourself, your cycles of energy, and the different facets of your inner nature is empowering. Living and working in alignment with your cycle and knowing how to optimise your life, in flow with your cyclical energy, allows you to step into your fullest vision of success!